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Cross-channel Interactivity

Create a consistent experience for your audience while maximizing the ROI of the content you create by offering an interactive experience across all channels. A single video can be interactive on TV, spread shoppable inspiration online and provide you with pictures to integrate in your website.

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Machine Learning & AI

Machine Learning & AI are used to make content interactive & shoppable in an efficient and scalable way.

By leveraging intelligent algorithms, we vastly reduce the workload needed to make your video or images shoppable.

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Content Management System

Our proprietary state-of-the-art CMS allows us to efficiently create and manage vast amounts of interactive content.

By intelligently connecting millions of data points, we avoid duplicate work and confusion, ensuring that your content can return the highest possible ROI for you.

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Video player integrations

We make your interactive and shoppable videos as accessible as possible for your audience. Because just having interactive videos will not help if no one sees them.

No matter whether we or someone else hosts your videos for you, they will be easy for your audience to view and interact with.

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Data dashboard

You can’t make informed decisions about your marketing efforts without data. Learn more about your audience, their behavior and interests so you have the information you need to make the content they want to see and that will trigger them to take action.

By better understanding your audience you can form partnerships with the brands, media and personalities they are most likely to respond to.

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